Hey lovely humans!
I'm María de los Angeles Scheggia (or just Mary) a Chilean graphic designer living in Berlin for five years.
I've been working in graphic design for a little over 10 years. I started my career working in advertising. Over time I realized that I wanted to develop more the illustration and learn animation. So as a freelancer I started to choose projects that I liked and allowed me to develop these areas. I really enjoy working with entrepreneurs, in the field of culture, arts, gastronomy and wellness. Currently I collaborate with the independent publishing house buch:buch, which works with Spanish-speaking authors in Berlin.
At my last job, a German company developing an educational platform in science and technology, I started doing more 2D animation, storyboarding and corporate design.
In parallel, since 2016 that I have my artistic project Tres Marías, dedicated to explore illustration and other artistic areas. I've participated in group exhibitions in Chile and Germany, design markets and I and this year I published my first illustrated book 'Conectando Microcosmos'.
Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in a collaboration, want to work together or have a project.
Have a nice day!
Thank you!
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